We’re reading the New Testament together again this year. Join us!
(Some of the previous links are at the bottom of the page.)

For those who started reading at the beginning of 2017 with us, 11/12-11/18 is week 46 and 11/19-11/25 is week 47

Week 46

Week 47

The link will either open up a new tab (or page) in your web browser to read the chapter, or else the Bible app (YouVersion) will open if you have it installed on your mobile device. (I understand different devices behave differently) You need cookies saved in order to come back to this list and have it remember what you’ve already read. Just click (or tap) the check box to mark it as read. This is an experiment we’re working on so there will be bugs as we tweak it and we welcome suggestions.

There’s a full year list you can fold in half and keep in your Bible to check off as you read. Those can be picked up at the welcome desk and can also be downloaded. There’s a link in the sidebar and here’s a link as well: Read NT in a year list

I’m also making bookmarks that have current readings on them to keep in your Bible so you can check off your reading. Those will be available throughout the year.

Remember, there are only 5 days of reading a week. This gives you the opportunity to catch up, read something again that struck you, memorize a verse that stood out, or even just give you some time to work what you’ve read into your life.

So whether you use digital or paper… using your computer, your phone, your tablet, your Bible, your scroll… JUST READ!!

And you’re going to be hearing more about an exciting opportunity when it comes to getting into the Bible. I can’t wait to share it with you… stay tuned!

If you’re catching up, here are some of the previous weeks. I’ll keep them here as long as possible… the number of lists on a page may be limited. SO glad you could join us!

Week 44

Week 45

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